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May 21 2018


Me: *is my turn to make dinner* I think we should have ice cream and M&Ms for dinner!

Sir: *distracted playing his game* Sounds good, baby…

Me: Otay!! *smirks and starts to grab bowls*

Sir: *realizing what just happened* Wait, no! Ice cream is not dinner!

Me: Too late!! *runs away giggling*

…he caught me tho. We had sammiches and THEN ice creams! 💕💖

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pregnant cuddles

Inspired by one of my favorite fics by my dear @writingissues

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You make me feel a little less tired.

You make me feel a little more safe.

You make me feel a little more celestial

You make me feel a little less nervous.

You make me feel a little less scared.

You make me feel a little more normal.

You make me feel a little less cold.

You make me feel a little more cuddly

You make me feel a little more in love

you make me feel a little more happy

You make me feel like there’s such thing as true love

Having a little with social anxiety means


Having your little look at you with a panicked expression when they’re asked what they would like to order.

Constantly holding your littles hand and rubbing their hand with your thumb to keep them calm in public.

Helping your little make doctors appointments or giving your little pep talks to make doctors appointment because they’re afraid of talking on the phone.

Seeing your little go from bouncy and talkative to shy and quiet the second you leave the house.

Reassuring your little every time they think someone looks at them funny when you’re in public.

Taking the lead in conversations with new people so your little doesn’t have to strain themselves.

Taking long period of time to help your little relax and calm down after being around a lot of people.

Watching your little at social events and looking for queues that they’re in an uncomfortable position or need to leave and be alone.

Being patient with your little and encouraging them and supporting them and being as reassuring as possible. Littles with any kind of anxiety need lots of patience and reassuring, especially when they’re anxiety revolves around other people.

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if youve any art in this style pls send me so i can post i love it <3 ill mention you if you like too!

May 20 2018

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